Getting your house in the newspaper

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

One great way to marketing a listing is to get your house in the newspaper.

Regular readers (folks who love real estate)  know that I got into Real Estate because I saw a gap in the way Realtors  use the web.  I think there is a better way, and that way is fully using technology.  But sometimes old school, traditional marketing, like newspapers, can be helpful to selling a house.  Especially when it comes to Open Houses. (more…)

What do do when your kid locks themself in your open house – true story

File this one under a true open house story.  You see all kinds of strange things as a Realtor.  Not only do you get a glimpse into people’s private lives when you tour rental properties, but Sometimes some strange things happen at open houses.  This happened to me just a few months after I got my license, and I wouldn’t believe it unless I experienced it. (more…)

How to attend an open house

As a Real Estate agent in Austin, I try to hold an open house every weekend.  Usually It’s on sunday from 2-4 (which is the best time), but sometimes I change it up and do a weekday after school or earlier on a saturday (if there is a Longhorns game in town).

I’ve seen all kinds of crazy things – Regular readers of my blog get a glimpse of these stories, so I suggest you subscribe to get the full story delivered to by email automatically.

If you are going to an open house in Austin, there are some general, unwritten rules you should follow.  I’ve written them down in case you need a refresher.  Here’s how to attend an open house (more…)