5th & West

Just a block behind the Whole Foods Flagship store, a brand new hi-rise condo is being built.  Fifth & West will stretch 39 stories into the air, and add another luxury tower to the Austin skyline.
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2016 Texas Luxury Home Report

This is the 3rd year that I’ve been reporting on the 2016 Texas Luxury Home Report.  Now I’ve got enough data for some graphs and to look at some trends for luxury homes in Central Texas.  The report covers other areas besides Austin, and even though I’m licensed to practice anywhere in Texas, I focus on the Austin area only. Read more

Strange ways to meet Real Estate Clients

Real Estate agents are supposed to pick up ALL their open house signs once the open house has ended.  I normally do.  But this one time I didn’t.  Usually leaving out a sign overnight leads to bad things – either the sign will get vandalized or stolen, or a neighbor will call you and ask you (or tell you) to come and get it, or in the worst case, code enforcement can come by and actually fine you. Read more

Helping someone buy a house who wanted to rent

Sometimes things are slow in Real Estate.  It can be a slow time for any number of reasons.  Perhaps the market is not hot, or sometimes new agents get off to a slow start.   After my first sale, which came as a referral, things slowed down for me, so I turned to leasing, as a way to help people who were moving to Austin find a place to rent, before they settled  down in a more permanent neighborhood.  Not everyone has everything in place to buy, but when I can Help someone buy a house who is ready, it’s a great feeling. Read more

Homes for sale in Old Enfield

There is a neighborhood a bit north, and west of the Austin capital called Old Enfield.  One of the oldest  areas in the city, the stately homes here sit back from streets lined with old growth oaks trees.

Simply called Enfield by most, this small, historical neighborhood shows pride of ownership.  Many of the homes were built  in the 1920’s and ’30’s but have been been beautifully restored over the years.  The front of the homes are old Victorian or colonial, or something similar, but frequently the insides have been completely updated into the ideal soft contemporary house we all dream of.
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