My interview with Nancy at Bryson in Leander

Bryson in Leander

This is Eric and Welcome to today’s episode of the Austin Real Estate Podcast where I chat with Nancy who is the community manager for Bryson in Leander.

Today I’ve got 2 things to share with you before getting to my interview with Nancy, the Community manager for Bryson.

I’m going to do something a bit different and start a series about all the Downtown Condos in the next few episodes, but more about that in a minute. Also, I want to share with you some of the latest stats. yesterday The Austin Board of Realtors came out with their monthly stats for August 2016 and I want to share those numbers with you – but first –

I’m sitting in my office in northwest Austin, near Anderson High, and this morning I can hear the Anderson Trojan marching band practicing and preparing for tonight’s home game against McCallum. I won’t be there, but I know a bunch of people who will.

If you have never been to a Texas high school football game, it’s something you need to experience. Personally, I’ve never been to one of the smaller towns games, so I have no idea if it is anything like Friday Night Lights, but I have seen Anderson play a few times and it’s really fun and exciting! You should go!

Anyway, Like I said, today I want to talk about the austin skyline. It’s changed so much in the past few years.

Not much over a decade ago, there were only a few hi-rise towers. It was easy to name them all: The Frost Bank Tower, One Congress Plaza, and just a handful of others.

But Austin has been experiencing incredible growth.

It’s been said that up to 130 new residents arrive every day.

No-where is that growth more obvious than by looking at the Austin Skyline, unless you are stuck in Austin traffic at 5:00 when all the newcomers are driving home down I-35.

By the way, do you know what the official bird of Austin is? The Crane! Because there are so many cranes building skyscrapers in downtown Austin.

Later today I’ll be touring the new Seaholm Residences –

A 30 story tower with 280 condos in it.

As of right now there are 17 up for resale – and they are all 1 bedroom units

Ranging in price from 375K for a 575 square foot to 552 and change for a 13th floor 821 square foot unit.

That’s not the highest you can go up – There is one on the 29th floor for just under half a mil that has stunning views of the downtown and capital. Call me on that one, as it’s not going to last long.

I’ll be sure to post photos of my tour on instagram, and you can always follow me on Snapchat to see where I am today, and what spectacular building I’m visiting.

Anyway, on to the stats.

Yesterday the Austin Board of Realtors published their monthly report on home sales. – You guessed it, everything is up again.

The median price of a house is up

The average price of a house is up

And they also announced that Hayes county, south austin, on the way to San Antonio is experiencing phenomenal growth.

Here are the numbers:

2985 homes sold in the Austin area in August of 2016. Home prices are up 5.3% year over year.

The median price of a home, clocked in at 289,900 – that’s half of all homes sold for more, and half for less. UP 9.4 from the same time last year.
We are still in a deep seller’s market – there aren’t enough homes for everybody looking. Us realtors measure that with the months of inventory numer. It’s 2.8 That means at the current rate of buyers looking, it would take 2.8 months to completely sell all of the homes currently on the market if nothing new came along.

A normal market is 6.0. That’s balanced.

Homes are still selling quickly – the average number of days to sell a home in the Austin Metro Area is 42. But remember that number takes into account the homes in the more affordable areas that typically get multiple offers in 2 days, as well as the Million dollar luxury homes that generally take several months, or even up to a year to sell.

Now, on to today’s interview with Nancy at Bryson. She’s the community manager in this new development. Take a listen, and then go and visit!

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