Best High Schools in Austin

US News and World Report just published their 2012 annual review of the best high schools and Austin has 3 in the top 20.  You can see all the Texas schools ranked here.  Almost 22,000 schools were measured on a variety of criteria including how well they prepare students for college, and how well they meet state standards.  What is interesting is that they don’t just focus on college bound students, but focus on the education all students receive.

I’m a long way away from having to choose a high school.  In fact, up until right now, I’ve never mentioned on my blog that we are expecting.  You heard that right.  Mrs. Eric Estate is at home on bed rest with 6 weeks to go.  It’s sort of wierd to think that I’ll be a dad in the near future, and I’ll save thoughts for another day.

But I do think about education for my little one.  I’m not signing him (yes, it’s a boy) up for any pre-schools just yet.  For now, we have decided to follow a more traditional route, and stick with public schools.  But I am doing my research, and of course sharing it with you.

So without further fanfare, here are the best high schools in Austin.  Let’s see how they rank in 14 years, when my little one will be attending (unless of course he is a Sheldon Cooper and graduates High school at 10 years old).

Coming in at #7 is the Liberal Arts & Science Academy (#54 Nationwide)

Ranking 17th is Westlake High School (#155 Nationwide)

and placing 19th up in Round Rock is Westwood High School (#170 Nationwide)

As an aside, the TOP ranked high school in the nation is in Dallas, and is the Dallas School for the Talented and Gifted.


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