Bathroom Art

When I was a kid, I remember this one bathroom stall at a summer camp I used to go to.  It had white tile, with white grout, and someone had made interesting grafitti in it.  Not the usual crude stuff with a sharpie or spray paint.  No.  This person had used a mechanical pencil to write the Grout wall of China.  A significant amount of time had been spent writing tiny sayings, quotes and jokes inside the grout between the tiles.  If you didn’t look carefully it was so easy to miss.  But once you saw it, you just couldn’t stop reading.

Instead of trying to recreate that in our guest bathroom, I decided it was simplier and easier to hang two of my favorite pictures (that I have taken) of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  The first was inspired by a photo I saw in a Rick Steves Paris Guide Book, and the 2nd was shot later that day.


I’ve got each printed as 9×14 and mounted in the Ikea Ribba frame.  Each hangs in portrait above the commode at eye level and centered in the middle.

How do you decorate your bathroom?  What art do you put there?

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