Approaching 19

Flying Ceramic Pig

Next month is my 19th wedding anniversary.

Nineteen years with the same person (plus another 6 or so before I popped the question).

“Ad astra per alia porci”  ~ to the stars on the wings of a pig.

There isn’t much we don’t know about each other after this much time.  Pretty much we have been through it all.  The ups and the down, and even some unexpected sideways curve balls through the years.  We know the ins and outs of our monthly budget, so when I want something (or she does) we just buy it for ourselves.  Except for the really big ticket items – those we still run by each other first.

As you can imaginge, it’s hard to shop for her.  Not only does she have everything she needs, but I’ve been getting anniversary presents for her for nearly 20 years, and am just about tapped out.


That was until the other day when I was touring a house and saw this ceramic flying pig.  Both my wife and I love the Pigasus, as we grew up in Salinas and are big fans of John Steinbeck.  The flying pig was used by Steinbeck as his personal stamp, along with the motto  “Ad astra per alia porci”  ~ to the stars on the wings of a pig.

I had to find one for her!  Turning to her favorite on-line shop, and a quick search, I found the perfect item.  When I noticed that it would be handmade and shipped from Poland, I quickly ordered it.

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