An Event Driven Town

I didn’t write anything today.
I know that I had some topics yesterday that I thought would be great posts, but I didn’t write them down. This morning, when I went to begin writing, I couldn’t think of anything good.
I figured I’d just start my day, and see what happened. Something was bound to come up.

I met someone from San Francisco who loved our city. I felt incredibly homesick, but she told me that the City by the Bay was changing. Locals were being priced out, and the culture was changing. Sad.

We agreed that something magical was happening here in Austin. I’ve often thought that exact thought, and said those same words: “Something Magical is happening right here in Austin”.

Who knows what it is.  Certainly not I.

Frequently I tell people that Austin is an event driven town.

We don’t have any exceptional landmarks like the Stature of Liberty, or Eiffel Tower, or Great wall.

Instead we have great events like ACL, SXSW and F1.

Hundreds of amazing restaurants, and probably 1000 food trucks.  Bars everywhere.  Live music.  Horrible traffic.

It isn’t one thing that makes Austin amazing, it’s the combination of everything.

I guess that’s worth writing a little bit about.

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