Amazing Time lapse videos of Austin, TX

Here are my favorite five time lapse videos of Austin, TX.  If you have one that you love, please let me know about it in the comment section below.

Everybody seems to either be on the move TO Austin or on the move IN Austin.  We all  knows that Austin has some incredibly creative and talented residents, and these are some videos that come from that creativity.

So many Austin landmarks are represented in these short films:  The Capitol, The UT Tower, Downtown Hi-rises, ABIA, the Pennybacker bridge on 360, Frost Tower, the Long Center, Ladybird Lake

Sleepwalking in Austin

I love how this one is shot at night, and that the opening sequence is at the Airport.   Another one of my favorite shots is of the old Seaholm power plant (which is now being developed into Seaholm Residences with Austin’s 3rd Trader Joes), and of course the way the UT Tower changes colors at 1:28.

Sleepwalking Austin from Andrew Takano on Vimeo.

Austin Texas Time Lapse

This is another fantastic time lapse video that was shot at night.  With longer edits, and wide panoramic shots, this video stands out because of some of the great sequences he has of downtown, and all the colored buildings that make up our fantastic skyline.

Austin Texas Time Lapse from Doug De Young on Vimeo.

Spectral Austin

Another great video by Andrew Takano (the guy who did the first one).  This one was shot in the early morning and captures some amazing colors that fill the Austin sky at dawn.  As the sun comes up across the iconic Frost Bank tower, we see the city wake up and come alive.  He also plays with some time shifting – jumping from morning to evening, or day to darkness, and gives us a unique perspective on the same location at different times of the day.

Spectral Austin from Andrew Takano on Vimeo.

Time Lapse of Austin, TX

Here’s another great video that starts out overlooking the train trestle over Ladybird Lake, and showcases how active this city is.  There are great segments of people exercising, biking, running, and kayaking.  The video ends with a time lapse star-scape that’s amazing.

Time Lapse of Austin, Texas from Square Earth Studio on Vimeo.

Start Fresh, Never Give Up

Perhaps my favorite video from Andrew, because of the way he videoed a storm over downtown, as well as some great segments he does of graffiti artists working on ever changing Baylor Street Art Wall.

Start Fresh: Never Give Up from Andrew Takano on Vimeo.


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