Amazing aerial drone photography tour of Austin

Just spend a couple of minutes of your day to watch this quick Aerial drone photography tour of Austin.  You get to see the city in a way nobody else ever has.  You and I live in a 2-dimensional world.  We can go left and right, forward and back.  Now, with a little technology, we can also see our world from the sky.

If you liked this, you will probably like these other time lapse videos of Austin.

First it was digital cameras, then panoramic property tours.  Then time lapse, and twilight shots.  Now the big thing in Real Estate photography is Aerial Drone photography.

Here’s the basics.  Take a fancy digital camera.  Connect it to a remote controlled quadcopter (like the Phantom Quadcopter).  Do a little editing, and then post on the web.  Like this guy did.

Drone Austin from Charlie Kaye on Vimeo.


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