After going hot and heavy for the first 6 weeks…

and tearing out the cottage cheese ceiling, ripping up old 1970’s carpet and padding, pulling down old wallpaper, painting every flat and curved surface, laying new brazillian cherry floors and remodeling the master bath in 30 days I was burnt out. All while the spring Austin Wedding season was in full swing.

The move out of our apartment seemed to take forever – I was unprepared for the amount of stuff that I had amassed, and completely unready for the quantity my wife possesses. While living in a shopping mall usually was a big pain in the rear, there were a few perks, and the biggest was finding really cool designer stuff at a great discount. Since the economy was tanking, it was possible to get some great current season fashions at 50% markdowns (and more). All this had to be boxed up, trucked to our new diggs, unloaded, and then unpacked.

I’ve got to say that we used a local company with a national connection – All My Sons did a great job – Moving in Austin is never easy because it gets so hot and humid.  That we were moving out of the Domain was also not an easy task.  You see, Moving vans can’t park anywhere near the shopping mall, so the distance the movers have to carry stuff is like 6x longer than usual.  Compound that with only one working elevator, and the chances for breaking stuff increases 36 times.  But the three guys that showed up did a fantastic job, and never complained at all about all the moving roadblocks (I know I would have).

Once the truck of stuff was inside our new home, we still had tons to do.  But before unpacking, everything had to be cleaned, and re-cleaned, and then dusted, and mopped, and wiped, and polished. Before we moved in, a nice gentleman had lived here for 6 months, and not lifted a finger to clean a thing. It appeared as though he would fry his steaks on the open flame of the gas stove, and although he would wipe down the enamel on the range, the cabinets, and ceiling were covered with meat juice. Strangely, the same grease was also found on light-switches, doorknobs, and even faucets. Break out the Simple Green and Formula 409!

So finally, we had a semi clean house, and everything was unpacked.  All within six weeks.  That was 2 months ago, and the only thing I’ve been doing is swiffering the floors, mowing the lawn and planting a few simple annuals.  But now, there is an inkling to tackle some more projects – does anyone have a 3.5 HP rototiller?

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