I love our big old oak tree in the backyard.  I’ts got the perfect placement, so a large majority of our yard is grass for the kiddo and pups to play on, but when the grown ups want to hang out on the deck and just chill in the late afternoon when the Texas sun hits the backyard , we are made in the shade.

The tree is probably 100 years old (or more).  It twists and turns and actually overhangs our roof a bit.  I’m not worried because at least twice a year I’m on the roof trimming it so it’s always 4-6 feet above the shingles.  Plus, if ever that one branch looks sick, or starts to die, I have no hesitation to cut it off, so there is no risk of it falling on our house.

But, every fall, right as the evening weather turns nice that old Oak tree starts to drop it’s acorns.  Some years only a few come down.  This year it’s crazy!  Every few seconds I hear a thud-bump-bump, as another hits the roof, and takes a couple of bounces on my custom made Ipe and Pipe table or dilapeded wood deck.

I can’t keep up!  One day I sweep or blow them off, and by the same time the next day they are everywhere.  Even in the dog bowl!  I’m having to empty acorns out every time I fill it up!

If you have acorns, how do you deal with them?


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