A real Real Estate business card

I’ve seen a lot of real estate business cards (Note to self: make a blog post about bad real estate business cards).

It’s a widely accepted practice for realtors to leave their card whenever they visit a property.  That way the listing agent can contact them and chat. I like to do that so all the agents who come to the property can know that I’ve been there before them, and have already checked it out.

For me, a business card has 3 roles:

  1. To show clients I’m legit
  2. To easily convey contact information
  3. As a form of identification

As you can see I have my photo taking up almost half of the card.  My Name is the biggest, and my phone number (only one) is right at the top.  I hate it when someone gives me a card with their cell, home, work, and office phones.  Just use a service to forward them  so clients don’t have to keep trying different numbers.  I’ve also got my email, website, mailing address, and broker on it.

You will also see three little icons for Facebook, Twitter, and RSS.  If you know what those are, you know how to use them.  Otherwise it’s a great topic for conversation in person.

Finally the back is blank, so I can write a note on it when I leave it somewhere.

Clean, simple, and professional.  That’s how I like my business cards.

When I order cards I usually get about 1000 at a time so I have enough for at least 6 months.  I pass them out everywhere, and never want to be without one.


Recently I changed my business cards – you can see examples of my new cards, and learn the reasons I changed in this new post.