4 ways the government shutdown will affect buying a house.

4 ways the government shutdown will affect buying a house.


  1. I guess this will really be a problem. If it happens, a lot of people will have a hard time buying houses even those who are selling them.

  2. Nikki C says:

    Thanks so much for this infomation Eric. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I am not in Texas but Georgia and I already have enough issues because I am purchasing new construction. My bank guy was too overwhelmed or too lazy to get my FHA case number assigned prior to the change to PMI even though I signed a contract in April of this year so I have to eat that and now this shut down mess is just looming over my head. Though this isn’t technically my first property I have not owned anything in over five years so I’m going to be treated as a first time homebuyer. I don’t have the time to look over every single aspect of this transaction and afterall that’s why I have a loan officer. If the rental market here in Atlanta wasn’t so terribly overpriced I might consider calling the whole thing off. Instead, I guess I’ll just get ready for the inevitable delays and frustration.

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