An Event Driven Town

I didn’t write anything today.
I know that I had some topics yesterday that I thought would be great posts, but I didn’t write them down. This morning, when I went to begin writing, I couldn’t think of anything good. Read more

Worth it

The other day, I met a fellow stay at home dad.

This guy was visiting Austin from NYC for the weekend, and we struck up … Read more


It’s always a good day when I sell a house.  But sometimes getting everything taken care of can be a wee bit stressful. Read more

Gehrich TCPA Settlement

About that check from yesterday.

This domain, my name dot com, has been a bunch of different websites over the years.  I first registered the site on April 18, 2005, and created a simple website using iWeb, some long forgotten software created by Apple. Read more

Challenge Accepted

There was only one thing in the mail today.

It’s a quiet Saturday.  Frankly, we all are a little tired.  It’s the kind of day when you just want to eat and watch Netflix.  So after Ari’s Cello class that’s exactly what we did. Read more

Weekly Kickoff

Weekly Kickoff

Here in Austin, it’s the first full week of Summer vacaction.  Austin ISD, let out last week, and now the roads are just a little bit less crowded, the swimming pools are a bit more busy, and the shaved ice trailers will all be opening. Read more