The Reserve at Caballo Ranch

Did you know of the fastest growing areas of Austin is the Reserve at Caballo Lane?   It’s up in North Austin, just a short drive away from the new Apple Computer Campus on Ronald Reagan Blvd.  I always think of that part of town as north Parmer.  Once it was a quiet farm road that just headed north.  Now it’s a thriving suburb with nearby shopping, services, and great schools (more…)

Getting a Divorce and selling a house

When I was getting started in Real Estate, I really didn’t have any clients.  I had moved to Austin 7 years before with my wife, but it was in a different field, and I didn’t have the largest circle of friends.  I didn’t know anyone in Real Estate, except for the Realtor that sold us our first house.  I was convinced that I wanted to be successful, and I knew that I could, but I didn’t really know where to begin. (more…)

Helping someone buy a house who wanted to rent

Sometimes things are slow in Real Estate.  It can be a slow time for any number of reasons.  Perhaps the market is not hot, or sometimes new agents get off to a slow start.   After my first sale, which came as a referral, things slowed down for me, so I turned to leasing, as a way to help people who were moving to Austin find a place to rent, before they settled  down in a more permanent neighborhood.  Not everyone has everything in place to buy, but when I can Help someone buy a house who is ready, it’s a great feeling. (more…)