Homes for sale in River Place

River Place is a fantastic place to live. It’s as far away as Steiner Ranch, and also not as large, but with a hill country feel, and incredible views. just of 2222, and about 15 minutes away from downtown, River Place is close to major employers, as well as tons of outdoor activities.  One of those little known area that tons of people drive by everyday, but don’t really know much about it.


Homes for sale in Pemberton Heights

Just north of the Old Enfield area of Austin is an even more prestigious area called Pemberton Heights.  These majestic, older homes are only a few minutes away from downtown, and are highly desirable because of the location, size, and style of the houses.

What makes a home in Pemberton Heights so sought after?  First of all they are typically on larger lots.  Secondly this neighborhood is in a great, close in, but private location.  North of windsor, and south of Westover, between Mopac and Lamar, residents of Pemberton Heights are close to everything.  Additionally, many of the streets twist, and turn, and aren’t major arteries leading downtown.

Homes for sale in Old Enfield

There is a neighborhood a bit north, and west of the Austin capital called Old Enfield.  One of the oldest  areas in the city, the stately homes here sit back from streets lined with old growth oaks trees.

Simply called Enfield by most, this small, historical neighborhood shows pride of ownership.  Many of the homes were built  in the 1920’s and ’30’s but have been been beautifully restored over the years.  The front of the homes are old Victorian or colonial, or something similar, but frequently the insides have been completely updated into the ideal soft contemporary house we all dream of.

Amazing Time lapse videos of Austin, TX

Here are my favorite five time lapse videos of Austin, TX.  If you have one that you love, please let me know about it in the comment section below.

Everybody seems to either be on the move TO Austin or on the move IN Austin.  We all  knows that Austin has some incredibly creative and talented residents, and these are some videos that come from that creativity.

So many Austin landmarks are represented in these short films:  The Capitol, The UT Tower, Downtown Hi-rises, ABIA, the Pennybacker bridge on 360, Frost Tower, the Long Center, Ladybird Lake (more…)

Homes for sale in Northwest Hills

Northwest Hills is a very popular neighborhood centrally located on the west side of Mopac.  Adjacent to Cat Mountain, this area doesn’t share the same views, but are equally beautiful, and on incredible tree lined streets.

Development of the 200 acres that makes up Northwest Hills began in the 1950’s and continues today (there are a few small sections of new construction).  Most homes are single story, in the popular ranch style, however some have been updated and take on a mid-century modern feel.

Homes for sale in Lakeway

Lakeway TX, once a quiet retirement community about 20 minutes from Austin is now a popular city for people moving to Central Texas.  Perched on the entrance to the hill country, and of course on the shores of the Lake, Lakeway has beautiful golf courses, modern medical services, and all the other features you need in a modern city.

Comprised of over 70 communities, Lakeway has homes for all price ranges, although the average house begins at over $500,000.

Homes for sale on Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a vast area, of almost 20,000 acres, with homes all along the waterfront.  Offering a vacation like lifestyle with easy access to Downtown Austin, homes along Lake Travis have it all.

Not really a specific area, there a dozens of neighborhoods and developments including: Rough Hollow, Falconhead, the Hills of Lakeway.

Just north and west of central Austin and downtown, and surrounded by rolling hills as you enter the Texas Hill country.  Although the levels of the lake fluctuate with seasonal rainfall, but property values remain relatively constant

Homes can range from small shacks to expansive mansions.  Many homes have permanent boat docks as well as expansive patios and courtyards for entertaining.

In addition to all the pre-built homes, there are still lots available if you are interested in building a custom home.

Homes for sale on Lake Travis

historical lake travis water levelsMost of the homes for sale on Lake Travis have beautiful views, but the prices can fluctuate based on the lake levels.  As I write this in 2013, the lake levels are low – and homes seem overpriced because the beautiful views that homeowners want just aren’t there.  But since I’m a numbers guy, and I love research I looked up the historical lake levels, and discovered this graph of the ups and downs of Lake Travis.  Notice we are going into a period of time where the lake levels are low.  I see this as a buying opportunity.  A time where you can get a good deal on a lake house.  Notice that after 3-4 years of low lake levels, they return to a “normal level”.  Buy low, sell high, I say!

Schools for Lake Travis

As this is a large stretch of area, there are multiple school districts that service the area, including Austin ISD, Eanes ISD, Lake Travis ISD and Leander ISD.  Additionally there are numerous private schools that residents can send their kids to.

Lake Travis houses for sale

If you are interested in learning more about homes on Lake Travis, give me I’d like to talk with you – Not only do I know about all of the homes currently on the market, but I have lots of friends who are interested in selling via Pocket listings.

Homes for sale in Cat Mountain

If you tend to like homes with views, than you may want to consider looking at houses in Cat Mountain.  Running north to south, on the west side of MoPac, and north of 2222, this part of town has hilly, tree lined streets.

Most homes were built in the 1970’s and 1980’s and are 3 to 5 bedrooms.  Lots of two story, and split level houses were constructed to take advantage of the sloping hillside and spectacular views.

Lake Austin Homes for Sale

Lake Austin, a constant level lake is one of the premiere areas for luxury homes around Austin.  Not really a neighborhood, and definately more of a lifestyle, the Homes on Lake Austin can range from older modest houses, to luxury estates.  Just west of Downtown, Lake Austin meanders for 22 miles up to Mansfield Dam, and is lined with homes both on the water, and overlooking it.

It’s not uncommon to see homes with permanent boat docks, or landscaping that extends to the water’s edge, and of course a beautiful home following.

Living on the Lake, as it’s called by locals is an envious position to have.  Many aspire to find a home there.  It’s peaceful, beautiful and fun.  From beautiful wildlife, to amazing sunsets, homes on Lake Austin have it all.

Not only is it beautiful to live on the lake, but year over year, it has proven to be a good investment.  Take for instance the 3 years from 2006-7 to 2009-10.  Home prices have risen 27%.  This was during the recession that plagued the US.  For a more recent comparison take 2009-10 to 2013-14, and homeowners saw a 12.4% increase.  That means if you bought a home for $1.5M in 2006, it would have sold for 2.6M in 2013.  Not a bad return.

Sure there are lots of areas in Austin with nice homes, but dollar for dollar, this is the place to be, if you want luxury waterfront living in Central Texas (in my ever so humble opinion).

Schools for Lake Austin

As this is a large stretch of area, there are multiple school districts that service the area, including Austin ISD, Eanes ISD, Lake Travis ISD and Leander ISD.  Additionally there are numerous private schools that residents can send their kids to.

Lake Austin houses for sale


If you are interested in learning more about homes on Lake Austin, give me a call.  It’s a fantastic lifestyle, one that most Austinites aspire to,

Homes for sale in Barton Hills

Barton Hills is an awesome neighborhood, one that encapsulates the “Austin Feeling”.  Running along the Barton Creek Greenbelt (from Mopac to 360, up through the streets near Lamar Blvd and to the lake, this area has old and new homes, small tear down shacks to beautiful million dollar modern homes.

Locals call call it the ’04 (although other parts of the 78704 zip code are outside the official Barton Hills boundary.

Homes date back to the 1940’s and can range from matchbox sized 800 square feet 1-bedroom places to larger, remodeled and updated 5+ bedroom houses that go for over $1M.