Today is the Last Day of Automatic Syndication

Today is a is big day in Austin Real Estate.  Today is the last day that ABoR, the Austin Board of Realtors is Automatically syndicating listings.  As a buyer or seller in Austin, that has some impact on you.  If you just own a house, and are happy this doesn’t affect you at all.  But if you are in the market for Real Estate, or trying to sell your home, I’d pay attention. (more…)

Verano Drive at Barton Creek

Right across from Calera Court is the Verano Drive section of Barton Creek.  This is one of the newest sections, and largest, with over 75 homesites.  Lot sizes start around 1 acre each, and have incredible views of the Hill country or the Barton Creek Preserve.

As this is the newer section, and there are still a few lots available (from over $500,000 at the time of this writing), the homes are much more modern and contemporary.  Not the usual Texas Tuscan style, or French Country inspired, these dwellings have modern floor plans, high-tech features like home automation, and great finishes like marble, wood, and other natural products. (more…)

The Terraces At Barton Creek

Right after you turn off Bee Caves Road onto Barton Creek Blvd, and head past the massive stone entrance sign, you pass eleven beautiful homes without even knowing it.  Hidden behind walls, gates and beautiful landscaping are some of the most spectacular homes in all of Austin.  The homes of the Terraces at Barton Creek. (more…)

The Ridge at Barton Creek

The Ridge is one of the older sections of Barton creek.  They have Golf cart access to the Fazio Foothills Course.  Not every neighborhood in Barton Creek allows this, but in the Ridge, there is a path that leads from the area to the clubhouse at Barton Creek Resort.Approximately 50 homes are behind the gates at the Ridge in Barton Creek, and the prices range in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 range when they come on the market. (more…)

Foothills of Barton Creek

With over 40 homes along this gated loop, the Foothills section is one of the older developments in Barton Creek, and one of the few places where an opportunity to get a reasonably priced home still exists.  However with this opportunity, there is a cost.  The homes here haven’t been remodeled, and many seem dated.  But there is a large discrepancy in price between homes that have been fixed up, and those that haven’t. (more…)

Governors Hill in Barton Creek

Right across the road from the Fairways, and the Barton Creek Country Club is the private gated condo section called Governor’s Hill in Barton Creek.  This is one of the more affordable sections of Barton Creek, but owners don’t sacrifice much.  They still have the great views, and because this is is a condo community many of the things a homeowner would have to pay for are covered in the HOA fees. (more…)

The Fairways at Barton Creek

While the homes that are behind the gate at the Fairways section in Barton Creek are technically Condos, they don’t have the feel of what most people consider a condo.  Ranging in size from 2,500 to over 4,000 square feet, these two, three and four bedroom stand alone homes all share a common interest in the grounds and lands in the area behind the gates. (more…)