February 2014 Austin Real Estate Statistics

The average home price in Austin is 230,000.  That’s still $50K less than the average for the East Coast, and $70K less than the average for a house on the West coast.  If you haven’t heard, The Austin Real Estate market is on hot.  The Austin Board of Realtors sends us Realtors a monthly 16 page report with tables and tables of data, but I’ve crunched the numbers and compiled them into an easy to read report that you can share on Facebook or Twitter.  These data were gathered from the monthly reports generated by the Austin Board of Realtors, and while deemed reliable, you should check the numbers for yourself if you have any questions. (more…)

The Austin Luxury Real Estate Market

Over 10 years ago, I moved to Austin from the most expensive zip code in the United States.  The reason I left Atherton was simple, the housing just got too expensive.  Don’t mis-understand me, the homes in the Circles (if you know where the Circles are, my hat is off to you) are truly stunning.  Large lots, older homes that have been meticulously updated, and easy access to the Silicon Valley.  It’s an area very much like the Tarrytown neighborhood in Austin. (more…)

Where should you live in Austin?

Have you taken my little quiz? I designed it to help you figure out which neighborhood you should live in when you move to Austin.  It takes about 30 seconds, and is 99.9% accurate (mostly).

Let me know what you expected and what you actually got in the comments below.

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An introduction to the Austin Real Estate Market

Let me be honest with you, I know a lot about the Austin Real Estate Market, but I don’t know everything.  I find myself frequently turning to on-line tools to help me gather and present information to my clients.  There are a lot of tools I use on a daily basis to help others with the buying and selling of their homes.  One of my most powerful tools as a Realtor is using the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS, or Realtor Database to find houses for my clients.

 Click here to Search the Austin MLS (more…)

The Best places to see a Celebrity in Austin

It happens all the time.  Not usually in public, but most often as I am giving a showing, and driving clients around, people quietly ask me “where are the best places to see a celebrity in Austin”.  Now I’m no celeb chaser, but I have had several brushes with fame over the years.  Once I took a whiz next to Clint Eastwood.  I literally bumped into Venus Williams at a Barnes & Noble, and I’ve seen tennis star Andy Roddick and supermodel Brooklyn Decker in his Lambo cruising down MoPac at 3 in the afternoon. (more…)