Move to Austin – Live in a Castle

Currently, there are two Castles up for sale in Austin.

One is priced at $599,000, and the other is listed at $3.5 million.

Of the two, one is more castle like, but the other is a celebrity home, for a local Austinite who used to design video games, and has been to space.

Let’s start with the more castle looking (and affordable) of the two – the Austin Castle House.

Austin CastlesLocated in North west Austin and originally built in 1975 the Austin Castle House has been extensively remodeled and updated to look like a medieval castle.  As you drive down the street, you can see a moat like walkway, turrets, gargoyles, and a stone facade that looks just like a castle in Europe might.  Inside the house there are castle-like touches everywhere, as well as some very unique features.  There are 6 bedrooms, and 5 baths, a guest suite with kitchenette, and a large game/party room with a dance floor.

A kitchen inside a Castle The kitchen has been completely updated with all of the features a modern family would want – stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and custom cabinets.  The exhaust fan above the electric cooktop is even fashioned to look like it came off of a suit of armor.

Dance Floor in Game roomJust off the kitchen is a large game room with a big screen TV, surround sound, and a dance floor with lights.  Just like a night club.  There are two slot machines, a pool table, and even a foosball table.  If you are interested in buying the house, I’m sure the owners will work with you if you are interested in any of these items.

GazeboIn the backyard there is a gazebo with a built in gas BBQ, a fish pond, and some nice water features.

I’ve been inside this house, and honestly it’s pretty nice.  If you buy this place you will be known as the family that lives in the castle house.  I’m sure it’s great for halloween.
Britannia Manor II

Located in a separate part of town, you can find Richard Garriot’s home for sale.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Austin Celebrity, he was the designer of the popular video game Ultima in the 1980’s.

Also known as Britannia Manor II, this 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom house is 5,900 square feet, and sits on a large lot off of 360.  It has it’s own Wikipedia page and was featured on MTV cribs  (That’s a big deal for a house).  Even though it doesn’t really look like a castle this home has trap doors, secret passages, and even a working cannon.  This is Texas after all.

Why did this home become so popular?  Partly because of the Haunted Houses Richard would throw every year.  You can learn more by watching this video.  People would camp out for weeks to get the free tickets to Austin’s best haunted house.

Stained Glass Windows above the staircaseSome of the features of the home include a beautiful stained glass window in the study.  I’ve also heard that there are some secret passages and hidden bookcases in this room.  The wood work is all custom, as are the railings doors, and even chandeliers.  The bookcases have built in cabinets and even a hidden secret or two.

Wine Room/CellarThere is a custom wine room, that has a separate climate control system.  There is room for several hundred bottles, and storage for glasses and other supplies.


Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Sauna : A diving pool and water slide

Don’t forget there is the observatory with telescope and 360 views of the downtown skyline.  There is also an indoor / outdoor pool with a hot-tub and water slide.  In addition to the main home there is also a separate guest quarter, a separate studio office space, and storage and other outbuildings and even a dungeon accessible through only a trap door.


Honestly, I don’t think either of these will sell very quickly.  Mostly because they are novelties homes.  But each has a unique history, and fantastic details.  If you are interested in viewing either of these, please let me know and I’ll make arrangements for you to see them.

Apartments in Austin

Today I googled Apartments in Austin and I was surprised at what came up. The first 50 or so search results were all from actual apartments in Austin. That’s great, but to learn about each place you have to visit each and every website to learn about the complex.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see all the data about each apartment complex? Wouldn’t it be easier to compare one to another? How about an easy to use apartment search?  One that allows you to compare price and size, search by location, which allow pets, which have washer and dryers, or just hookups.  That would be pretty cool.  Right?


Austin Urban Lifestyle Guide 2013

I want to give a big thank you to the guys at Austin Modern Living.

You see, I just received my free copy of the brand new Austin Guide to urban living.  This thick, little red guide, is the perfect size to fit in my glovebox, and has a ton of great info on all the cool things to do in Austin.

The guide organizes the city by region – Downtown, South, West, North, you get the idea.  At the beginning of each section is a great little fold out map so you can’t get lost, a couple of pages describing the ideal day for each area.  There are suggestions planning out your day – from morning to night, and all the activities support local Austin Businesses.

Then at the back of each section is a comprehensive list of all the different condos and modern co-ops.  There is also a list of all the schools in town, as well as a short list of some of the fantastic things to do each month.

I’m not sure of the official way to get one – I saw a friend with one, so I asked her how she got it, and then I just did the same thing.  I facebooked AML, and then dropped one in the mail to me the very next day.

Thanks Austin Modern Living!

PS:  I don’t know what happened with the photo at the top of the page, but I can’t get it rotated to the correct orientation.  Does it appear right to you?