Duplexes in Austin

Are you trying to find duplexes in Austin?  If you are you aren’t alone.  Lots of people either want to live in a duplex, or want to buy them as investment properties.  And I can help you find one. Read more

The best Neutral Home Paint Colors

I’ve been in a lot of houses, and you know which ones sell the fastest? The ones with nice warm neutral home paint colors always get the most offers, and of course the most comments.

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There are several paint colors that always get the most compliments, and trust me I’ve seen them all. First of all, let me tell you what doesn’t work. Painting a house all white. It’s too bland and boring, and doesn’t set your home apart or give it any kind of meaningful remembrances. Also those bold, clown colors that were so popular in the 90s don’t work either.  Instead, you want to go with the (and I hate to say it) Pottery Barn Look. These are the warm, and rich, and inviting earthtones that just make a house feel like a home. Read more