2013 Resolutions

Do you have any resolutions for 2013?  I’m publicly posting mine.  These are mostly real estate resolutions, but I think the last one is the best.

Top people have future orientation – the think about the future.  Where they want to go, where they want to be.

For the last several weeks they have been handing out a simple goal guide at the weekly sales meeting and encouraging us to fill it out.  I’ve always thought it kind of silly, but since this a new year, why not try something new.

What do you want?  Write it Down.  Set a deadline.  Male a list of steps to achieve that goal.  Take action immediately on something.  And finally, do something everyday.

So I’m writing down the 10 things I would like to have in 2013.

  1. I want 50 new listings in 2013. That’s an average of 1 per week with a 2-week vacation.  I’ll accomplish this by doing the basics.  Calls, mailings, networking, and of course follow-ups. I fell a bit short on this, but hopefully can do it one year.  Maybe not my first year out though.
  2. I want to use all my postcards that JB Goodwin provides every month.  This includes the free open house postcards, the free new listing postcards, and the free postcards that I win from contests.  All of them will be used to market myself, of course. I did this and had a great response.  Next year instead of just using basic postcards, I’ll be using some from moo.com.
  3. I want to write a blog post about real estate everyday. (Mission accomplished today).  This is the hardest.  I posted about 200 blog posts, but still fell short.
  4. I want to increase my personal contacts on Facebook, and especially Google+ to over 300.  That’s less than1 new follower per day. Accomplished for Facebook (550), and halfway for G+ (272)
  5. I will conduct a blogging seminar for JB Goodwin.  This will help others get better websites, and elevate the Real Estate game in Austin.  Done with great success.
  6. I will do a form of exercise everyday.  Be it push-ups, sit-ups or running (even if it is on a treadmill).  Not quite.  The daily activities are hardest.
  7. I will become fit enough to get off high blood pressure medication. Not done.  Probably bad genetics.
  8. I will go to the F1 race (hopefully in a luxury box). It was during Jenn’s birthday so I didn’t even ask.
  9. I want to get my little Spitfire running again. Not accomplished.
  10. I will be the best father and husband I can be. A work in progress.

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  1. Thanks Eric for sharing your goals! Now you’ve inspired me to write out mine and not just have them in my head. 🙂

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