Being successful at real estate

Real Estate conference roomIt’s 11:00 on a cloudy sunday morning. I get in the car, drive past Starbucks, and pull into the #1 spot at JB Goodwin Realtors. There really isn’t a #1 parking spot but during the weekdays, if you get to the office early, you will see JB’s car parked in this spot, the one closest to the entrance. Normally I arrive to the office a bit later in the morning than JB, often times I don’t get there until after lunch, as I’m working from home. But I do make it into the office and when I do I stay until almost all the cars are gone.

Today, Sunday, the parking lot is empty. I get the prized #1 parking place. Every weekend I’m in at least one of the two days. Sometimes it’s Saturday, other times Sunday. Several times a month it’s both. And more often than not, I’m the only one there.

Real Estate is a funny business. It’s an always ON job. you never know when someone will call you, or from where. You never know when someone will want to see a house.

Today, I had a lease client who needed some help finishing the paperwork for a condo up in North Austin. I came in, and turned on all the lights, and then the couple arrived. We sat in the big conference room, the one that is usually reserved for the closings on luxury listings. The one with the nice big leather chairs.

The entire process took only 30 minutes. We did the required paperwork, I checked to make sure everything was filled out completely, signed, and accurate. The couple had a few questions, and I answered them, and provided a little education about what happens next, and we were done!

No other agents came in while I was there.

I’ve learned you need to match the schedules of your clients. If they work during the week, and only have time to meet on a weekend, then I’ll meet with them on the weekend.

It was a quick 30 minute appointment. And the client got a new place to live. Mission accomplished.

What are your tips for being successful at real estate?  Tell me in the comments and I’ll include them in a future post (with credit of course).