Stage 3 Water Restrictions In Austin

Last night, while watching the local news, I heard that even though we have gotten a bunch of rain in the last 2-weeks, Central Texas lake levels are still at an all time low, and the LCRA (LCRA means Lower Colorado River Authority) is considering tightening restrictions on water use yet again.

So the very first thing I did was head over to my laptop, and Googled Austin Stage 3 water restrictions. Nothing. Nada. Zip, Zero, Zilch. This is probably the same response you got, and the reason you are visiting my page. But don’t fear, I’m on a mission to find out what Stage 3 restrictions means.

So I called 311, the city non-emergency and question hotline, and asked the operator. Who had no idea of course.

Then I surfed over to the website of the local paper, and I was able to find this article: Tougher water rules on way? LCRA reviewing drought plan.

Let me summarize what the new restrictions will be:

Watering your lawn less

Is this for real?  There are so many other ways to conserve water.  Now is the time to enact rules for our future that ensure water conservation, and make sure future generations have enough H2O to drink, cook, and bathe with.  I’m thinking of things like mandating tankless water heaters for all new construction, requiring drip irrigation for all new commercial landscape projects, and adding a tax to all sales of water bottles (did you know it takes approximately 6 times the amount of water inside the bottle to manufacture and transport the bottle? Here’s the source to how much water it takes to produce a bottle of water).

According to the LCRA, 2009 is the most severe draught on record since the 1950’s. Stage 2 water restrictions call for a 35% cut of use, and stage 3 will add an additional 10% – resulting in a 45% reduction in water use over regular levels.

Of course I’ll add more things to this list as I learn more.