100 Blogs about Austin

100 Blogs about Austin


  1. Steve says:

    Hey Eric, I also recently started a blog regarding Real Estate, except mine is based in South Africa.

    Feel free to give it a read when you can – Cape Town Estate Agents

    Keep up the good work! It will be interesting to see what topics you write your articles about, I might steal some inspiration :)

  2. Hey Eric,
    Have a look at Austin Concerts Examiner. If you like music, I think it belongs on your list, Cheers, Greg

    • Tommy Landry says:

      Just want to “second” Greg’s comments above. The Examiner music coverage is outstanding and has been at it for several years now.

      This is a very thorough list. Thanks for pulling it together (and also for including Return On Now).

  3. Hi Eric! What a great list! I was doing research for a client around the Austin area and found it.

  4. Linda says:

    Thank you for the link love!

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