100 Blogs about Austin

100 Blogs about Austin

There are a TON of great blogs in and about Austin.  For several weeks now I’ve been compiling a list of as many as I could find about all sorts of topics here in Austin and Central Texas.  Here are a bunch of blogs about Austin

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Today I heard one of the oddest lines I’ve ever heard while helping someone move to Austin.  “I’m moving to Austin without a Job”.  This guy was going to start a blog, and make a go here.

It caused me to stop and think for a few minutes.

Anyone can start a blog.  For free.  But to make a truly great blog takes some work.

Work like these people have done.

Here is my list of the 100 greatest Austin Blogs.  Ordered alphabetically because I don’t know of any other way.  Most are updated daily or at least several times per week, and all are worth checking out. Now, just because your blog or your favorite blog isn’t on this list, it’s not because I don’t like you.  I just don’t know about you!  So be sure to provide suggestions in the comments below and I’ll add it!

Big World Small Girl – An Austin blogger with a focus on the craft beer scene in this community.

#When in Austin – Humor about Austin news

365 Things to Do – Austin events

A Taste Of Koko – Inspiring the inner chef in you through daily recipes, cooking/baking tips, how-tos, restaurant spotlights, product reviews, and giveaways.

Adored Austin – Family Life and Style in the Heart of Texas

Amber Demure – Cartoons and sketches with a humorous slant.

Amy in Austin – Lifestyle blog

An Avenue – An Avenue is an ongoing ‘craft culture’ discussion from the perspective of one Beer-a-Day in Austin, TX.

Aneelee – Vegetarian meal plans, recipes and stories about food in the day-to-day life of our family of three in Austin, TX

ATX Gossip – Austin celebrity gossip

ATX Street Style – Austin street style photography

ATXGlutenFree – Gluten-free news and recipes

Austin Bloggy Limits – Austin Music Blog

Austin Contrarian – Chris Bradford on economics, zoning and Austin, Texas.

Austin Culture Map – CultureMap will keep you plugged in, enlightened and entertained about culturally relevant news and information in Austin.

Austin Eavesdropper – I write about the creative culture of Austin and tell stories about my life.

Austin Gastronomist – Includes original recipes, restaurant reviews, and stories that explore Austin’s culinary culture.

Austin is Burning – Austin fashion news

Austin ModHouse – Living in MCM-Inspired Home We Built in West Lake Hills (Austin), Texas

Austin Moms Blog – Passionate about our community and the moms who live here.

Austin Slave to Fashion – Austin style and fashion blog

Austin Startup – News, Jobs, Events, Resources

Austin Technology Law Blog – Texas Technology Lawyers

Austin Town Hall – Promoting local musicians and more

Austinot – Austin news and interviews

Bonnie Berry – This is a place where I share both my professional and personal photographs as well as my thoughts and words.

Brady Bunch Remodel – For going on the past three years we’ve been remodeling a cool 1970′s house we purchased together in South Austin. We have a lot going on! But, we’re really, really happy.

Camile Styles – My passion is to bring creativity, inspiration and stress-free style to our readers around the globe.

Casa Weenie – Austin Cartoons

CoolinAustin – Austin events

Covert Curiosity – Austin Music scene

The Custom Home Blog – Luxury Home News & Information

Digging – I garden in Sunny Austin TX, Zone 8b

Downtown Austin Blog – Downtown Austin and Neighborhood Blog

Eastside Vibe – Austin, Texas: The Live Music Capital of the World.

Eater Austin – Eater is the source for people who care about dining and drinking

Edible Aria – This a journal describing my efforts to eat a healthy, interesting diet on a reasonable budget. The focus here is primarily on sustainable, fresh whole foods.

Epicuriosities – Building Friendships and Community through Culinary Adventures

Fete & Feast – Food Blogger’s Guide to Austin

Film School Rejects – All the latest movie news, movie trailers, reviews and commentary.

Fly Fish Chick – Women’s lifestyle and fly fishing blog!

Food Good Laundry Bad – I’m a stay-at-home Mom of three, shacked up in the country in Central Texas staying sane through this blog.

Foodie is the New Forty – Seeking out the delicious side of life

Free Fun in Austin – Local Adventures for Families

Geek Austin – One of the oldest tech blogs in Austin

Genie in a Blog – Writer, artist, wife, mother, cook, maid, bookkeeper…all around genie in a bottle, except you only get one wish, and it has to be reasonable.

Girl Eats World – Follow Linda’s journey in her efforts to eat the world. Restaurant reviews, recipes, food thoughts, food memories. A food way of life.

Greening Austin Daily – Greening Austin Daily is an environmental blog with everyday tips and info on being green in Austin.

Hilah Cooking – I create short-form, educational, and occasionally hilarious cooking videos geared towards beginner and intermediate cooks, as well as people who are just looking for simple, low-cost recipes. Everything is made from scratch, people!

I Love Beer – Drinking beer in a great city, Austin, TX.

In Her Stilettos – Austin and NYC Style Blog

In the Pink – Political Blog

Japanese Trash – Masculine Design

Josh Dilworth – Personal Austin Tech blog

Keep Austin Stylish – Fashion news from Austin

Keep it Complicated – I’m a writer, author, blogger and I parent four kids under 11 in my spare time. We are madly in love with our new city…Austin, Texas.

Live Mom – We are a local bunch of mamas who have come together, mostly sane, to bring you many resources that will build a better village.

Lonely Gourmet – Lonely Gourmet was created as a result of Laurie’s being sick and tired of eating out, eating fast food and frozen food.

LoveScience – Research based Relationship advice

Mad Betty – Austin life and pop culture blog

Mad for Mid Century – Mid century living in Austin

Man Up Texas BBQ – Texas BBQ.

Micro Famous – Ink slinger, red pen wielder, TV watcher, shower singer, fist fighter, habitual smirker. Ruminative. Loves words that end in -ola. Lives in Austin, TX.

Modern Austin – Modern houses and design in Austin Tx

Oh Hey, What’s Up? – Austin Lifestyle blog

Ovrld – Whether you’re an Austinite looking for a cool concert this weekend, or you’ve never been to the music capital of the world but want to get the latest on what’s happening here, we are here for you.

Party Ends – Austin Music scene

Pink Kisses – We’re like a mechanic for a broken heart. We’re a smart and thoughtful community built to let you know you’re not alone

Reel Snarky – Film, TV, and music news for the masses!

Return on Now – Return On Now, based in Austin, TX, provides online marketing services and reputation management for businesses and individuals.

Side One Track One – Side One Track One is a music/film blog based in Austin, Texas.

Slackerwood – Slackerwood is devoted to reporting and reviewing all aspects of Austin film.

Soccer Apologist – Soccer commentary, delivered with American snark

Some Assembly Required – Networking, Marketing, PR, Sales, Advertising, Business Development, Presentation Skills, and Social Media

Sonic Itch Music – Our goal here is to share our thoughts, ideas, and experiences as they apply to the music that we feel to be interesting and worthy of your attention.

Spike Speaks – Personal blog of writer Spike Gillespie

Sweat Ever Day – I work out and I talk about it.

Taco Journalism – In search of tacos y más in Austin, Texas.

Tasty Touring – Since July 2008, Tasty Touring has been a creative outlet for writing and photography and also to share food and drink-related recommendations and experiences in Austin and beyond.

Texas Type A Mom – Follow along on my journey through parenthood from pregnancy to toddler, product reviews (let me try before you buy), my family’s gastronomic whims, and life here in Austin, Texas.

The Austin Listening Post – News about news in Austin

The Fabulous Geezer Sisters – Austin feminism, politics and family blog)

The Simplifiers – Wedding and Event planning

The Vegan Explosion – Vegan food in Austin

Tipsy Texan – Drinking and booze and bars in central texas

Tribeza – TRIBEZA is Austin’s leading locally-owned arts and culture magazine

U Love I – Austin nightlife photos

Ultra 8201 – Music and more

What Jew Wanna Eat – Jewish recipes with a twist

Wheelchair Mommy – I am  a 30-something paralyzed, stay-at-home Mommy to 3 boys, & an amazing husband.

When in Austin – We explore Austin with our audio recorders in hand seeking out compelling stories.

You Stay Hoppy Austin – Austin Beer Blog

If you want me to check out your blog, and add it to this ever growing list, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Eric, I also recently started a blog regarding Real Estate, except mine is based in South Africa.

    Feel free to give it a read when you can –

    Keep up the good work! It will be interesting to see what topics you write your articles about, I might steal some inspiration 🙂

  2. Hey Eric,
    Have a look at Austin Concerts Examiner. If you like music, I think it belongs on your list, Cheers, Greg

    1. Just want to “second” Greg’s comments above. The Examiner music coverage is outstanding and has been at it for several years now.

      This is a very thorough list. Thanks for pulling it together (and also for including Return On Now).

  3. Hi Eric! What a great list! I was doing research for a client around the Austin area and found it.

  4. Thank you for the link love!

  5. Hey Eric, I loved this post! Provided me lots of inspiration for my own website: http://www.bigworldsmallgirl.

    Would it be possible to get on this list?
    I am an Austin blogger with a focus on the craft beer scene in this community. Yet, since I just moved to Austin this summer, I am also blogging and writing about how amazing it is to discover this city

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